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Sunday, 31 August 2014

photos taken by marc

suiting up in a white tuxedo jacket for the le grand and z wedding couture runway show held at chijmes last thursday. wearing the white tux out for an event for the first time, even though i purchased it from H&M two years back and almost wanted to sell it away  yknow the usual i don't know when i should wear it dilemma.

before deciding on this outfit, i wanted to get new clothes just because i was pretty bored with what i have currently but it kinda struck me that i should just work around my wardrobe — saving cost and supporting #slowfashion. on me is mgplabel v neck drape top (always a stunner piece) and aforarcade culottes, that sits nicely on my hips. added a little colour into my overall monochrome outfit with the oliveve penny clutch ℅ shopbop. this duo tone leather number is clutch perfect for attending events or a casual ice cream night out with friends. 

stacking in rings — featuring aloha gaia ℅ ho5hana. i officially love stacking on aloha gaia rings because instead of giving meanings to the rings, the rings already have meanings on its own (as created by daramuscat). totally digging the idea of embodying meanings of love, harmony and wisdom when i head out as it reminds and keeps me humble and courteous towards the people i interact with.


  1. loving your white tux and your necklace too :)



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