[Beauty Review] Venus and Olay Razor In Sugarberry

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

introducing the first ever Venus and Olay razor. a collaboration between Gillette's best shaving technology and Olay's skincare expertise, this razor is not only designed to provide maximum moisture for a trouble free shave but also to help increase visual shine on legs by up to 30% ensuring ultra smooth, luscious and skin that shimmers in the sun. 

key benefits
01 the Venus and Olay razor has a rounded pivoting head for easy manoeuvring around a woman's curves and a soft ergonomic handle for an effortless control in wet and soapy environments 02 Venus' five progressively-aligned blades are spring-mounted to provide an incredibly close shave, fleeing over delicate areas such as knees and ankles 03 the thinner blade edge provides a lower cutting force that results in less pressure on the skin, gently exfoliating the skin at the same time for surface skin renewal 04 Olay sugarberry moisture bars are infused with skin nourishing ingredients which helps replenish moisture and breathe radiance into skin for that goodness like glow! just wet the razor to receive a light lather that offers excellent lubrication for a smooth glide over skin  no separate shave cream is required to obtain a pair of irresistibly silky legs

based on my experience with the product 
this is my first time shaving my legs, i normally have them waxed, and i absolutely LOVE how the whole process was a breeze and inexpensive. when i opened the package, putting together the razor was pretty explanatory and it smelled really pleasant (like sugar!). the shaving process was quite fun actually, and it felt good to finally "tidy up" my legs after neglecting it for almost 3 months (opps).

i really am satisfied with this product *thumbs up* and i do highly recommend you trying this out too! thanks to Gillette Venus and Olay, i can now feel confident again about my legs ;-) 

Venus and Olay razor in sugarberry — 19.50 SGD
Venus and Olay sugarberry cartridges — 19.90 SGD

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