Conrad Reinvents the Classic Gin and Tonic

Sunday, 14 December 2014

a couple weeks back, i was introduced to conrad's contemporary twist of gin and tonic (20 SGD). seated at lobby lounge, bartender Leo from proof and company did his magic. briefly introducing the history of gin and tonic and subsequently matching artisanal tonics and botanicals to create our drinks.

there are two types of gin and tonic  modern and traditional. the modern consist of french gin, artisanal imperial tonic, lavender and orchids. while the traditional is a mix of london dry gin, artisanal bruma tonic, citrus and botanicals. both were served on a black stone tray adorned with a fresh orchid, stirred table side by a server. the whole conrad experience transport one to an era where indulgence and sophisticated elegance were a way of life. hashtag decadence. 

thanks for the lovely afternoon conrad singapore and nuffnang singapore. it was an eye opening experience and cheers to a new found love for gin and tonic!


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