Conserving Water

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

clean water is essential in everyday living yet taken for granted. what we have now do not mean it will be ours forever if we do not protect it. PUB singapore, the national water agency, has provided us such great resources and tips to educate the public on how to conserve water. listed below are 3 key areas on how we can conserve water at home, which you might find useful ;-)

01 taking shorter showers 
02 turn off the shower tap while soaping 
03 use a tumbler when brushing your teeth
04 for dual flush flushing cistern, use reduced flush for liquid waste 

01 do not thaw food under running water. let it defrost overnight inside the refrigerator instead 
02 wash vegetables and dishes in a sink or container filled with water 

01 run the washing machine only on a full load
02 collect rinse water from the washing machine for flushing the toilet or mopping the floor

growing up, my parents taught me to conserve water in between daily activities. they would use the water from the fish tank to water the balcony plants, i guess in a way it's conserving water because we are not using more. do you have a tip to share? comment down below!

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