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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

picked out some outfits from the styletribute office after a meaningful in conversation session with miroslava duma and dion lee at lasalle singapore. i'm thankful to gain industry insights after each conversation with the designers and creative directors. i think what stood out the most was thakoon's. he said wanting to be famous is too boring, don't you want to have a skill too? this statement is extremely relevant to today's context where people are chasing fame on instagram  obsessing over daily content creating, taking photos, number of followers and observing your likes count by the minute. i've been there, and yes i'm guilty of such behaviour but at the same time i've been making an effort to not allow instagram to consume me. 

current thoughts  i feel like i've lost all control and intimacy between my followers when i allowed advertisements to be part of my instagram feed. this upsets me and i'm still figuring out how i should balance this. any advice?


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