Hybrid Korean Laser At The Aesthetics Clinic

Monday, 13 July 2015

recently i have been making a conscious effort to take good care of my skin. i have always wondered how korean celebrities could achieve that "glow" despite their hectic schedule. achieving that "glow" didn't come easy, as i was constantly on a search for beauty products to improve my skin condition. 

last month, i was introduced to the Hybrid Korean Laser treatment offered by The Aesthetics Clinic. i decided to embark on this journey with The Aesthetics Clinic because i was curious and eager to find out if such laser treatments work. you'd be glad to know that it does, well at least for my friends and i. since its inception in 2005, The Aesthetics Clinic provides a plethora of aesthetics solutions by a panel of qualified and experienced doctors who constantly keep abreast of the latest equipment and procedures available, to ensure that you receive the best. 

the Hybrid Korean Laser facial treatment combines fractional CO2 laser with pigment targeting laser, Nd:YAG Laser peel treatment to synergise the effects and achieve the potential "best" benefits from the two systems. the unique characteristics of such laser skin resurfacing allow more accurate and precise control over the treatment.

01 reduction of acne and surgical scars
02 improvement in pigment related conditions
03 smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines
04 improve skin laxity and uneven skin tone 

the staff at The Aesthetics Clinic settled me in, and we discussed about the skin woes i faced. i personally find my skin dull due to the late night sleep ins, and my T zone is quite oily. first my face was thoroughly cleansed, to remove all up and dirt. next, numbing cream was applied and left on for 15 minutes. this is to reduce any discomfort on the face during the treatment process. the numbing cream is later remove and the treatment begins. 

Dr. Francis Tjang, who did all of my treatments, first checked with me the level of intensity which i'm comfortable at before continuing the treatment. the higher the intensity, the better the results but of course, there isn't gain without the pain. as it was my first time, i went for the second lowest option. it felt like tiny ant bites going around my face. it was endurable. the whole process went really quick, and the whole treatment ended in barely 10 minutes. i do think this is a quick and painless procedure to achieve optimal results. 

after the treatment, Natura Bissé post-laser care was applied to soothe and protect the skin. as everyone's skin react differently, for me the redness subsided after an hour and light make up may be applied after the treatment if you have an appointment after. 

Natura Bissé is a luxury skin care that is used by A-list celebrities such as Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. i was given a set of post treatment kit consisting a cleanser, toner, serum and tolerance recover cream — all of which smell heavenly. 

taken after the third day of the treatment, and one week later in korea. even with minimal make up, i love the fact that my skin was healthy and radiant. anyway, i'll be happy to take any questions pertaining to this — you can either email or ask me on ask.fm :-) 

the clinic is located at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club. for other enquiries, you may visit The Aesthetics Clinic or email info@tac.com.sg 


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