Launch of Converse #CHUCKII

Thursday, 8 October 2015

before the three month break ended, i made one last trip to shanghai for the launch of converse #chuckii. i have always wanted to visit shanghai for the beautiful art deco architecture and i was super (freaking) excited when i received the phone call from converse singapore. a week later, we took a 5 and a half hour flight out of singapore. the city landscape of shanghai is very modern, with stark contrast of 1930s buildings. i think this was what i loved about it, preserving heritage and telling history through architecture. oh shanghai, you have my heart. 

after checking into andaz hotel, the converse staff equipped us with a portable charger, umbrella (it was 39 degrees then) and sim card to survive the day. we explored xin tian di, previously known as shi ku men, and xin tian di style where it carries chinese designer labels — a lot of drapes, rustic and muted tones. i was very much inspired and surprised by the aesthetics they had to offer, something we lack in singapore. dinner at the liquid laundry was fancy, and so delicious. thank you for overfeeding us! 

the atmosphere of the launch was rather intense, dark yet illuminating. we picked up our new #chuckii sneakers and suited up in a disposable coverall for the #badass ink spraying enclosure. it was a crazy fun and overwhelming night. i'm still feeling incredibly blessed by the opportunity — thank you converse! just to clarify i was not paid for the trip, and yes you have my word that the #chuckii is so comfortable and worth the hype. don't forget to watch the travel video


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