Thursday, 1 October 2015

this week has been pretty rough. the sense of loss i'm currently feeling is unexplainable. well of course there is the hard disk that contains every single outfit/ travel/ creative works i've done so far and it costs 700 SGD to get back my data. ouch. seven hundred for data is honestly pretty steep for someone who just got back from a holiday. i can't help but to feel sorry for myself. i have decided to pay anyway because everything i hold dear is inside. i can't let go. which brings me to my next, if you would call it, regret. why have i not backed them up or why haven't i been uploading these photos i have photographed? what is holding me back from creating content? perhaps it is the feeling of being judged of poor photography/ content curating. not sure if it is a negative thinking or just really obsessed, but i cannot bring myself to post something that is "not good enough".

everyday we visually consume so much information, it is getting very tiring. what is next? how sustainable are we to keeping up with social media? i have to admit, this is just one of the many losses i'm facing tonight. the rest are just more personal and painful. 


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