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Saturday, 17 October 2015

recent research on the minimalist movement made me think further on this easily adopted and produced aesthetic. accounts that consists of a significant huge amount of white space with a tiny model inside the photo claiming that they are photographing fashion becomes hackneyed, to me at least. a fashion image that does not capture the slightest detail nor fabric does not add value or inform the readers. what is your key message? that white spaces are desirable? or that you are embracing this uncluttered lifestyle? word to you — quoting from arnold — minimalism had become a lifestyle that could be sold on this very contradiction: it seemed to offer an escape from the constant consumer, from the confusion and violence of contemporary society and yet, ironically this frequently involved buying more — guilty as charged but neither am i claiming that i'm a minimalist at heart. think i'm done with this contradiction, and i'm not trying to spread negative vibes whatsoever. but honestly i feel that sometimes fashion needs to be taken seriously. i'm tired of how people on instagram do not have an opinion on what they are wearing, mass producing outfit looks (i can't) and fundamentally fashion is about change — and i don't see the difference in his/ her latest photo and a photo dating six months back.

mm, what do you think? 


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