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Sunday, 1 November 2015

with the timely death of my B&O earpiece, Sudio Sweden came plugging and saved my morning commute to school. music is a medium that continuously keeps me sane and focused while i work, so i'd be really distracted without them. Sudio Sweden offers a range of elegant and quality sound earphones for the everyday consumers. i picked out the Vasa Rose Gold in Black — just because i'm drawn to the clean design and it does not get dirty easily as compared to white. enter decadentdrama for 15% off before check out. 


  1. Hi Desiree, may I know the sound quality of this earphones? Does it reduce the surround noise, example the "doors closing" announcement in the train, babies crying in public transport? Thanks :)

    1. Hey there, I'll be honest. The earphones doesn't quite drown out the noises as well as the Apple or B&O does. Also I like my music with bass and this feels rather empty.


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